Card Scanning Solutions idscan id card scanner and passport scanner is the ultimate data collection system with new passport scanners and id card scanners as well as business card scanner. Our passport scanner allows quick and accurate storage of full page passport data and MRZ data as well as information from any ID card.

Card Scanning Solutions is the market's leading provider of OCR data collection systems, ID card scanners and passport scanners. Our cutting-edge image processing and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies allow the extraction and identification of printed information as well as 1D and 2D barcode from almost every personal documents such as ID cards, Driver’s license, Passports, Visas and other documents, regardless of the card’s background colours, fonts or size. Our flagship IDscan system consists of an ultra-compact USB id card scanner or passport scanner and fully integrable SDK package. International service and support and easy adaptation to any Latin-based language. Fast International delivery.

IDScan improves business processes by:

  • Saving Time - Avoid manually typing of data from IDs to your database.
  • Reduce Costs - Xerox copying is no longer needed for keeping color id image.
  • Minimize Space - Eliminate paper work and archiving of ID’s photocopies.
  • Increasing Accuracy - Reduce human typing errors.
  • Improving Security - Enrich your database with more details and images.

Mobile Solutions

Use your mobile device as
a smart OCR scanner that
reads ID cards, passports
information in your hand to
any database application
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Passport / ID Scanners

A selection of small and fast OCR
passport scanners and cameras
to collect textual info
into your database
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IDscan Developers SDK

SDK libraries are available to allow
easy and quick integration of IDscan
passport scanner and card scanner
to any database app.
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ID Card Scanners

reads text information
from any ID card, driver
license, etc. with fast
id card scanner or camera
directly to your database.
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Data Collection Systems

A selection of Ready to Use
passport scanner and card scanner
to collect textual info
from various cards
to File, DB, Web etc.
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Scanners and Cameras

a selection of portable scanners
and camera based capturing devices
for easy scan of photos, cards and
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Among the users of ScanShell technology:

Car dealer (DMS) applications Car hire companies Hotels (PMS) Lobby security Access Control Visitors control Banks Mortgage Brokers Clubs and Bars Casinos Police Depot Home and Foreign offices Delivery companies and many more ....